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A meeting place for Halifax crafters
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Date:2010-04-20 09:16
Subject:Textile sale in Halifax (and other places too)


May 8-9, 2010, 10am - 4pm. Free slideshows all day.

Celebrate Mother’s Day & World Fair Trade Day in style!

Support sustainable communities & rural women

with your purchase of fairly traded, handwoven

ECO-FASHIONS for you & your home

– jackets, organic silk scarves, bags, table linens & more.

Council of Women House, 989 Young Ave. (at Inglis), Halifax

http://www.tammachat.com/>www.tammachat.com, 902-624-0427

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Date:2009-10-23 19:49
Subject:Zine fair tomorrow in Halifax, last minute reminder

Hi Everybody, if you live in Halifax, come and check this event out. As well as all the great stuff listed below we will selling tickets ($1 each) for 5 chances at winning 1 of 5 goody bags of zine and writing related stuff including donations by those tabling tomorrow. This is a fund raiser for the Anchor Archive Zine library.

Zine Fair - Saturday October 24th 2009, noon-5pm (TOMORROW) - St. David's Church Hall, 1537 Brunswick Street, Halifax. Admission is FREE!
Brought to you by the Anchor Archive Zine Library and Strange Adventures. Part of the Halifax Pop Explosion.
For nine years running, this event has been an awesome annual showcase of all kinds of do-it-yourself projects and plans. This year has more vendors than ever, with folks coming from all over Canada and of course, lots of locals! Expect to see zines, small press books, comics, chapbooks, records, CDs, cassettes, magazines, posters, postcards, t-shirts, buttons, crafts, and other handmade bits and pieces. There will be a huge and ecclectic variety of things for sale and trade, it’s not just a zine fair or a craft fair or a record fair.

Tables include:
Anchor Archive Zine Library, Conundrum Press, Noyes Records, Peer a Mid Printing, whostolemybike prints, little foible comics, Strange Adventures, Brainscan zine, Kyla Francis Pottery, Divorce Records and Distro, CKDU FM, Ink Storm Screenprinting Collective, Grey Scale Press, Art Art Craft Collective, Wa’Ou, Tindercmx, DadaPomo, Random Paper and Fabric, Punkasaurus zine, Pistacia Ink, Go It Alone (Together), Eyelevel Gallery bookstore, Art Art Craft Collective, Tindercmx, DadaPomo, Random Paper and Fabric, Breathingbears, Step it Up Distro, Snapped in Half Tapes, White Elephant Buttons, Halifax Scene Recipe Zine, DubbleLitenin Press, Culprit Comics, South Mountain Review, Nerd Alert, Yo Rodeo Poster Co., The Radiator Collective, Fixture Records, Birch Control Comics, All Rights Reserved and more more more!

Audio and Video Zine Station
Check out this special A/V station created to showcase some of the awesome audio zines and short videos in the Anchor Archive Zine Library’s collection. The Anchor Archive has been open for 4 years and has more than two thousand zines from all over the world which are slowly getting catalogued.

T-Shirt Station! with Ink Storm Screenprinting Collective
Bring a blank t-shirt from home, and print your own Zine Fair t-shirt! See the basics of screenprinting in action. The Ink Storm Screenprinting Collective offers affordable studio access and teaches introductory and project-based classes, as well as doing workshops with youth and community groups.

Confession Concession Booth
For the second year in a row… Admit your secrets, serious or not, for inclusion in the Confession Concession zine while buying a burrito, cake, or coffee.

Special Events:
2pm: Mini Comic Jam! with Colleen MacIsaac
Take part in this awesome comic jam. Learn to make a simple fold-up mini comic, and them fill the pages with collaborative comics whose stories and styles will go in a bunch of different directions.
Colleen makes mini-comics and crafts as little foible press, does illustration work, and just finished her second short film.

3:30pm: So I made a zine... Now what? with Alex Wrekk
Tips and tricks for what to do after you have created your zine. This workshop will discuss conventional and not so conventional means of getting your project out there from trading, getting your zine in shops, seeing distribution, or leaving copies at interesting places around town! We'll also discuss distribution terms and how to navigate the postal system.
Alex has created over 40 zines, including Brainscan. She wrote the DIY zine resource book Stolen Sharpie Revolution. She helps organize the Portland Zine Symposium and volunteers at the Independent Publishing Resource Center. Alex lives in Portland, OR and is in Halifax as part of the Roberts Street Social Centre’s residency program.

For more information:

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Date:2009-09-10 08:14
Subject:Art Harvest!

This is where I will be this weekend, selling all sorts of fancy-shmancy handspun yarns and spinning fibres and knitted goods.

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Date:2009-06-08 14:54

It's REAL short notice but if anyone here fancies them handy with a pen and pencil there is a Comic Jam happening at Gus' Pub on North and Agricola tonight at 7pm, running until 11pm or so. Anyone 19+ is welcome to come out and draw with us. It's a monthly event so if you can't make it out tonight there's always next month.

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Date:2009-02-16 12:45
Subject:knit a thon in Halifax

Calling all knitters and crafters for a KNIT-A-THON!
In collaboration with CKDU's Homelessness Marathon, the 13-hour national radio program on poverty in Canada we will be having a KNIT-A-THON!February 23, 2009 from 7 PM- 8 AM
At St. Mathew's United Church on Barrington
We will be set up in the church hall with the along with the rad folks from CKDU who will be broadcasting live at 5 am!
The knit-a-thon is a fundraiser for the Out Of the Cold Emergency Winter Shelter in Halifax, which is an emergency shelter organized by a coalition of non-profits throughout HRM dedicated to provide shelter to individuals who are not able to access the current shelter system.
Along with raising funds, we will also be knitting scarves, hats and mittens for the shelter. We encourage knitters to find sponsors for each hour they knit (please see attached form). But don't worry, you don't have to knit all night!
If you have never knitted before this is the perfect opportunity to learn, we will have yarn, needles and skill sharing. Hot food and hot drinks will be provided to keep you going!
Looking forward to seeing you there!
The Weekly Roberts Street Stitch and Bitch
For more information please contact:
Susan Lefort: susan.lefort@gmail.com
Jean Steinberg: jean.steinber@gmail.com

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Date:2008-10-13 09:30
Subject:Zine Fair in Halifax October 25

8th Annual Halifax Zine and Record Fair (no admission being charged)

Saturday, October 25, 2008, noon-5pm
St. David’s Church Hall, 1537 Brunswick Street, Halifax, NS

Special events:
Zine Making 101, Anchor Archive Zine Library
A quick intro to the world of zine making: learn some techniques, a bit about zine history and browse lots of examples to get ideas. Then get busy at the all-day collaborative zine centre.

Beginners Bookbinding, Rebecca Singer & Leah Girardo
Make your own small blank book with paper and thread, working through a simple bookbinding stitch and perusing examples of all the other types of binding you can learn.

How to Make a Professional Record Cleaner, Craig Leonard
Learn to make a sweet vinyl record cleaner using an old vacuum and some salvaged turntable parts.

Indie Author Readings, Invisible Publishing
For the third year in a row, sit back and listen to some local and visiting authors read from their work. If you want to read, email info@invisiblepublishing.com.

Music Videos Screening, John Matthews
Watch a selection of music videos that you probably haven’t seen on MuchMusic lately. They’re only a couple minutes each, and they are awesome collaborations between local bands and filmmakers.
More info? Email zineexplosion@gmail.com

Brought to you by the Halifax Pop Explosion, Anchor Archive Zine Library, Strange Adventures and Invisible Publishing.

This year it’s FREE!

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Date:2008-09-21 10:06

I used this tutorial as the inspiration to make this item today. It's a former cotton bed sheet with a tear in it that I decided to recycle into something more useful... a knitted bathmat!

The cat checking it out. He never misses a photo op:

Bathmat made from recycled bedsheet.  And Bea.

Yep, he likes it... you can tell because of how he's about to knead the crap out of it:

Bathmat being kneaded.

Here it is, rescued from Bea and wrapped up pretty waiting for Christmas:


I just tore the bedsheet into thin strips, attached the strips together as described in the tutorial and went at it. It only took me four or five hours while chatting with a friend on my couch with margaritas. I wasn't sure how I felt about it at first as it was knitting up, but now it's so squishy, soft, and purposeful that I just love it.

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Date:2008-08-25 17:59

This is under the foodcraft area more than the handicraft area, but if anyone wants crabapples for jelly, my mom has a ton.  I can bring them to the Halifax Farmer's Market where I work, but I can't run them around to people; if you want them you have to come and see me at the Fox Hill Cheese House booth.

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Date:2008-07-07 19:06
Subject:knitting swift for sale in an unusual place

Hi Everybody,
I saw a very nice wooden knitting swift for sale in the Urban Cottage antiques store downtown in Halifax today. It doesn't look much like an antique to me, it's very similar to the wooden ones that I have seen in use and for sale around town, except that it has a nice carved wooden base/clamp. It is priced at an astonishing $23.50. I already own a wooden swift, if somebody out there doesn't, this is a huge bargain.

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Date:2008-06-23 18:51
Subject:1" buttons?

Hey, does anyone know where I can get 1" buttons made? I have my own designs, I'm looking for a company that will print and buttonize them. I used to go with a guy in Vancouver but I'd like to try someone local....I'm looking for the standard $35ish/100 buttons.

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Date:2008-04-10 22:58
Subject:Ecology Action Oceans Day projects

This landed in my inbox:

Greetings, Haligonians and friends!

The Ecology Action Centre in Halifax is celebrating Oceans Day on June 8 by creating a North Atlantic marine ecosystem of knitted and crocheted marine creatures. Can you help? Even if you live far away, you‚re invited to mail your contribution. There‚s lots of inspiration here on Ravelry, and here‚s more info from the Ecology Action Centre. Thanks! ˆ Pat

Mail or drop of submissions to the Ecology Action Centre,

2705 Fern Lane, Halifax, NS B3K 1T1

Contact Info
Phone: 902-446-4840
Email: <mailto:sadie@ecologyaction.ca>sadie@ecologyaction.ca

Get out your needles and hooksˆthe Marine Issues Committee is seeking crocheted, knitted and other crafted marine creatures for a fluffy and exciting Oceans Day display. We are real keen on representation from our North Atlantic marine ecosystems ˆ think bubblegum corals, sponges, anemones, shrimp, squid, mackerel, dumbo octopus, etc.

I then tracked it through the forums on ravelry to the following blog:


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Date:2008-03-14 15:18
Subject:Halifax craft fair in April

The Halifax Crafters Craft Fair is going to be Saturday April 26 &
Sunday April 27. Tables are $35 for both days, and it'll be at the
beautiful North Street Church. There's more info, and an application
form, at this website: http://halifaxcrafters.blogspot.com/.

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Date:2008-02-10 21:47
Subject:seamstresses in halifax

i'm looking for seamstresses in halifax. a friend of mine is getting married in september, and her bridesmaids are scattered around the maritimes. she wants us all to get together to choose fabric and dress style, but then get our own dresses made at a local seamstress in our towns. so, i'm looking for someone in halifax who could build a custom bridesmaid's dress. know anyone good?

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Date:2008-02-04 18:49

Anyone in the market for a crapload of candle wick? I've got two large-grapefruit-sized rolls of it to hawk to a devoted crafter. I was thinking $20 would be a more than fair price, since there have got to be hundreds of feet here. Here's a picture of it all by my Lipsmacker, for scale!


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Date:2007-12-02 21:27

What's this I hear about a Singer school-model sewing machine sale? Has anyone else heard about this? My sister-in-law got a flyer in her newspaper about industrial-type Singer sewing machines (with full metal construction - DROOL) that were over-produced and under-ordered, so they're being sold off this week at the Forum for super-cheap prices...? Six hundred bucks, down to $199. Is this legit? Apparently they all have the normal 5-year warranty, and they have a serger feature (DROOL). Is this too good to be true?

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Date:2007-11-30 22:30
Subject:3rd Annual Halifax Crafters Craft Fair?

Anyone happen to know who is in charge of this event at the Khyber next weekend? Curious if one can just show up to take part, or ... ?

UPDATE: Of course, the NEXT google result after this community was the information from last year's event...

Anyone happen to know if this would be still be correct contact info? I know it's late in the game and all, but here's hoping.

7. HALIFAX CRAFTERS CHRISTMAS CRAFT FAIR will be held December 1st-3rd at the Khyber building 1588 Barrington Street. For more information or to register for a table please phone Anne Pryde at 404-2686 or email to halifaxcrafters@gmail.com

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Date:2007-10-23 17:18

I'm looking to order some Christmas presents and was wondering if anyone here would be interested in getting a little commissioned work. Specifically, I want a few mugs painted (the minor stuff) and my boyfriend has been trying to find a nice plain messenger bag (preferably leather, but heavy duty canvas might do him too) and I was wondering about price on something like that.

I'm sure I could do the mugs myself, but I have bought enough craft supplies to do one project and then held on to the remaining materials for so long without using them, I don't want to add more clutter to my tiny apartment.

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Date:2007-10-17 15:36
Subject:Canzine East in Halifax this coming weekend

broken pencil magazine presents....
Canzine East
Halifax Zine Fair and Festival of Alternative Culture
Presented in Association with the Halifax Pop Explosion
and the Anchor Archive Zine Library

12pm to 6pm
Saturday, October 20, 2007
Downtown Halifax, Saint David's Church Hall (1537 Brunswick Street)
$5 admission comes with a free copy of the new issue of Broken Pencil Magazine

Giant Zine, Art and Record Fair!
Zines, Tunes, Art and General Weirdness from Halifax and across Canada on display and for sale! The heart of the event, indie publishers both in print and online come from across the country and the continent to show their wares! Be amazed at the creativity, ingenuity, and sheer weirdness! (Those interested in booking tables can register online at www.brokenpencil.com.)

The Halifax Comix Jam.
Everyone, all styles and skill levels, is welcome to participate in a comix jam. Collaborative comix will be created, with one person drawing the first panel, another person drawing the next, and so on. The finished comics are then released in a zine! Formerly the Khyber Komix Jam, the Halifax Comix Jam happens every second Monday of the month at Gus's Pub.

Halifax Fanzine Collection - Anchor Archive Zine Library.
Are fanzines just indie teen magazines? We've unearthed a pile of indie rock and punk music fanzines from Halifax's past. Revisit documents of our music and indie media history. The Anchor Archive Zine Library lends zines from their huge collection, holds popular education events, teaches zine workshops, sells locally made zines, and hosts a summertime residency program. Email <mailto:anchorarchive@gmail.com>anchorarchive@gmail.com if you have any zines to donate.

Video Booth – Simone Rosenburg, Anchor Archive artist-in-residence.
In the month of October, Video Booth will be hitting the streets, recording people interviewing each other in 60-seconds. The footage will act as a video archive of stories and interactions, and be available as Halifax folk history at the Anchor Archive. At Canzine, ask a friend or stranger questions you've always wanted to, rant and rave yourself, or be interviewed by a Video Booth volunteer. Simone is an ex-Haligonian artist who lives in Toronto most of the time.

Make your own Merch - Ink Storm Screenprinting Collective.
Even simpler than screenprinting, stencil making is an easy way to transfer an image onto t-shirts, patches or posters. Come to this workshop and leave with a print of your own design, all materials provided (bring your own t-shirt). The Ink Storm is a collectively-run public access studio, providing affordable public access to screenprinting equipment and facilitating learning through skill-building workshops.

Diary Comix, or how to share every intimate detail of your life in sequential panel form - Shawn Grafton.
Sure, 'blogging' is all the rage. But it's too easy. And those templates are ugly. Why not take the plunge and document your life in comic form? Even if you don't think you can draw, you'll find this take on the time-old tradition fun. Hailing all the way from Portland, Oregon, Shawn Granton probably traveled the furthest for this Canzine. Shawn's published the comic Ten Foot Rule for the last 10 years, and is the editor of the Zinester's Guide to Portland.

Say it, zine it, make it! Zines and Family Friendly Communities – Flavia Lytle.
This is a special workshop for parents and kids (and friends). Come join in discussion and help contribute to a zine about how communities can be MORE kid/family friendly. This is your chance to learn more about zines and self-publishing, to draw and discuss, rant and rave, write and rhyme, cut and paste, get the issues on your mind onto paper. Flavia Lytle is the founder of IndyMum zine, a clever pocket publication filled with art and writing. She is also the mother of three, and lives in Lunenburg.

Invisible Indie Author Reading - Invisible Publishing.
The folks at Invisible Publishing believe that books are meant to be enjoyed by everyone and that sharing our stories is important. What better way to do that than sit back and listen to local and out of town indie writers reading from their work? Invisible Publishing is based out of Montreal and Halifax, and work exclusively with emerging and under-published authors to produce entertaining, affordable, print-based art. Get in touch with <mailto:info@invisiblepublishing.com>info@invisiblepublishing.com if you're interested in reading.

Words Without Walls book launch - Books Beyond Bars.
Previously a zine and now a real book, Words Without Walls is a collection of writing and artwork by women incarcerated in Nova Scotia, allowing women to share their words and experiences of prison with people outside, as well as other prisoners. Books Beyond Bars is a collectively-run group that works to improve access to books, writing, and literature for incarcerated women in Nova Scotia.

"$100 & a T-shirt" video screening – Joe Biel, Microcosm Publishing.
What are zines, why do people make zines, where did zines come from, how do zine communities function, and what does the future hold for zines? In just under an hour, $lOO & a T-Shirt tries to answer these questions, bringing zine culture to life! Joe, one of the founders of Microcosm Publishing (now based in Bloomington, Indiana), gives us glimpses of the Portland Zine Symposium, takes us on a zine-themed bicycle tour around Portland, and interviews local zinesters. He will answer questions after the screening, and will be tabling some of the many zines and books published and distributed by Microcosm.

Faith: a culmination of scenarios book lauch – Caley Maclennan.
An ex-con, a teenage country girl, a celebrity spiritual advisor and a twenty-something snowboarder struggle with the fleshy, vibrant current of their lives. Every step of the way they are challenged by Caley and his introspective band of Faiths. Will this motley band of characters take charge of their own narrative or will the dark, gloomy world of metaphor and emotion reign supreme? Caley Maclennan lives in Halifax. He writes, hangs out with his kids, snowboards, and works too much.

Canzine East is sponsored by Strange Adventures Comic Shop, BookShorts, Mint Records, and CKDU Radio.

Cross Country Canzine! Hotel Canzine: downtown Toronto, Sunday, October 28
For more information, email or call us or click on Canzine on our website.

Broken Pencil, the Magazine of Zine Culture and the Independent Arts. Broken Pencil, PO Box 203, Station P, Toronto, ON, M5S 2S7, email: editor@brokenpencil.com, phone 416 204 1700

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Date:2007-09-26 00:26
Subject:Hey all that wish to come to the kitting group meeting.

I am unsure of weither i can have the meeting this week.
It was for Thursday at 7pm at the Star Bucks on the conner or Spring graden and Robie street .
I think i can hope it can still happen, i will keep every one posted.
i will post on wed night. thanks
~ Naomi

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Date:2007-09-22 15:34
Subject:I am looking for some one to make a Clay bust. i will pay!!!

My study is based on whether or not perceived attractiveness among humans has an evolutionary foundation. I am researching the differences between touch perception and sight perception.

To aid in my research, I would like to find person who is able to make a mould of a symmetrical face.  Ideally, I would like the facial features to imitate pictures of a face at various angles (the face would not need to be painted). Otherwise, a mould could be taken from a real person’s face, then it would need to be modified into a symmetrical face (in this case, it would need to be painted to look as realistic as possible).  Naturally, I will pay whoever adopts this project.

I can be contacted at:  nbuchanan@eastlink.ca

Thanks a bunch,

Please do not comment on this post This is a post for my Aunt she does not have LJ.
thanks Naomi

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