Halifax, Nova Scotia (Bi Chick) (sweeettfriday) wrote in hali_craft,
Halifax, Nova Scotia (Bi Chick)

I am looking for some one to make a Clay bust. i will pay!!!

My study is based on whether or not perceived attractiveness among humans has an evolutionary foundation. I am researching the differences between touch perception and sight perception.

To aid in my research, I would like to find person who is able to make a mould of a symmetrical face.  Ideally, I would like the facial features to imitate pictures of a face at various angles (the face would not need to be painted). Otherwise, a mould could be taken from a real person’s face, then it would need to be modified into a symmetrical face (in this case, it would need to be painted to look as realistic as possible).  Naturally, I will pay whoever adopts this project.

I can be contacted at:  nbuchanan@eastlink.ca

Thanks a bunch,

Please do not comment on this post This is a post for my Aunt she does not have LJ.
thanks Naomi
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