the artist formerly known as the geek (xinit) wrote in hali_craft,
the artist formerly known as the geek

3rd Annual Halifax Crafters Craft Fair?

Anyone happen to know who is in charge of this event at the Khyber next weekend? Curious if one can just show up to take part, or ... ?

UPDATE: Of course, the NEXT google result after this community was the information from last year's event...

Anyone happen to know if this would be still be correct contact info? I know it's late in the game and all, but here's hoping.

7. HALIFAX CRAFTERS CHRISTMAS CRAFT FAIR will be held December 1st-3rd at the Khyber building 1588 Barrington Street. For more information or to register for a table please phone Anne Pryde at 404-2686 or email to
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Here's the info for this year. I don't know who the contact people are. I had this sent to me as an announcement from Anchor Archive. You could contact them and they would surely be able to put you in touch with the right people:
contact for anchor archive:
5684 Roberts Street
Halifax NS B3K 1J6
(902) 446-1788

4. The 3rd Annual Halifax Crafters' Craft Fair
At the Khyber, 1588 Barrington St.
Saturday Dec. 8th 10 AM - 7 PM
Sunday Dec. 9th 12 PM - 5 PM
A variety of local handmade goods by emerging artists. Zines, screen
printed goods, wood turning, ceramics, jewellery and so much more!