j_parks (j_parks) wrote in hali_craft,

seamstresses in halifax

i'm looking for seamstresses in halifax. a friend of mine is getting married in september, and her bridesmaids are scattered around the maritimes. she wants us all to get together to choose fabric and dress style, but then get our own dresses made at a local seamstress in our towns. so, i'm looking for someone in halifax who could build a custom bridesmaid's dress. know anyone good?
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I had a bridesmaid's dress made for me by this lady on Robie Street. I didn't much like the dress (the fabric was selected for me and I wasn't a big fan), but it was made very well, and made to last. I also liked Salwa because while she was fitting me for the dress she would pat my hips and say, "don't worry about your weight, dear, you are so beautiful, dear", even though absolutely nothing had prompted it.