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Zine fair tomorrow in Halifax, last minute reminder

Hi Everybody, if you live in Halifax, come and check this event out. As well as all the great stuff listed below we will selling tickets ($1 each) for 5 chances at winning 1 of 5 goody bags of zine and writing related stuff including donations by those tabling tomorrow. This is a fund raiser for the Anchor Archive Zine library.

Zine Fair - Saturday October 24th 2009, noon-5pm (TOMORROW) - St. David's Church Hall, 1537 Brunswick Street, Halifax. Admission is FREE!
Brought to you by the Anchor Archive Zine Library and Strange Adventures. Part of the Halifax Pop Explosion.
For nine years running, this event has been an awesome annual showcase of all kinds of do-it-yourself projects and plans. This year has more vendors than ever, with folks coming from all over Canada and of course, lots of locals! Expect to see zines, small press books, comics, chapbooks, records, CDs, cassettes, magazines, posters, postcards, t-shirts, buttons, crafts, and other handmade bits and pieces. There will be a huge and ecclectic variety of things for sale and trade, it’s not just a zine fair or a craft fair or a record fair.

Tables include:
Anchor Archive Zine Library, Conundrum Press, Noyes Records, Peer a Mid Printing, whostolemybike prints, little foible comics, Strange Adventures, Brainscan zine, Kyla Francis Pottery, Divorce Records and Distro, CKDU FM, Ink Storm Screenprinting Collective, Grey Scale Press, Art Art Craft Collective, Wa’Ou, Tindercmx, DadaPomo, Random Paper and Fabric, Punkasaurus zine, Pistacia Ink, Go It Alone (Together), Eyelevel Gallery bookstore, Art Art Craft Collective, Tindercmx, DadaPomo, Random Paper and Fabric, Breathingbears, Step it Up Distro, Snapped in Half Tapes, White Elephant Buttons, Halifax Scene Recipe Zine, DubbleLitenin Press, Culprit Comics, South Mountain Review, Nerd Alert, Yo Rodeo Poster Co., The Radiator Collective, Fixture Records, Birch Control Comics, All Rights Reserved and more more more!

Audio and Video Zine Station
Check out this special A/V station created to showcase some of the awesome audio zines and short videos in the Anchor Archive Zine Library’s collection. The Anchor Archive has been open for 4 years and has more than two thousand zines from all over the world which are slowly getting catalogued.

T-Shirt Station! with Ink Storm Screenprinting Collective
Bring a blank t-shirt from home, and print your own Zine Fair t-shirt! See the basics of screenprinting in action. The Ink Storm Screenprinting Collective offers affordable studio access and teaches introductory and project-based classes, as well as doing workshops with youth and community groups.

Confession Concession Booth
For the second year in a row… Admit your secrets, serious or not, for inclusion in the Confession Concession zine while buying a burrito, cake, or coffee.

Special Events:
2pm: Mini Comic Jam! with Colleen MacIsaac
Take part in this awesome comic jam. Learn to make a simple fold-up mini comic, and them fill the pages with collaborative comics whose stories and styles will go in a bunch of different directions.
Colleen makes mini-comics and crafts as little foible press, does illustration work, and just finished her second short film.

3:30pm: So I made a zine... Now what? with Alex Wrekk
Tips and tricks for what to do after you have created your zine. This workshop will discuss conventional and not so conventional means of getting your project out there from trading, getting your zine in shops, seeing distribution, or leaving copies at interesting places around town! We'll also discuss distribution terms and how to navigate the postal system.
Alex has created over 40 zines, including Brainscan. She wrote the DIY zine resource book Stolen Sharpie Revolution. She helps organize the Portland Zine Symposium and volunteers at the Independent Publishing Resource Center. Alex lives in Portland, OR and is in Halifax as part of the Roberts Street Social Centre’s residency program.

For more information:
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