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A meeting place for Halifax crafters

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How many times have you asked about a product in a craft community, only to be told "you can get it at Michael's"?


Welcome to a community devoted specifically to Halifax/Nova Scotia-based crafters!

I hope that the focus of this community will be on local folks sharing ideas, plans, patterns, photos of their work, and just general boasting. Please post at least a minor description of what you created and how you did it so that we can all benefit from reading your posts.

All art and craft forms are welcome for discussion here... no uppityness allowed!

Please do not make posts in this community for the sole purpose of selling your work. There are other communities on Livejournal for that purpose. Make sure that your goal is simply to be a show-off, and to share your great ideas. You may post a link to your personal journal where you have your selling information, but please do not post it all here.

Please post no more than one photo without an LJ-cut, for the benefit of users with dial-up. All other photos should be behind an LJ-cut (you can learn how to do a cut by clicking here). Please adjust the size of your photos so that they don't appear HUGE on the community page. (If you're not sure if your photos are too large, you can make a private post in your personal journal as a test).

Contact me, Sara, at saracatgirl@yahoo.com with any questions or comments about the community. I also moonlight on Livejournal as grammardog.

Be nice!